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Teignmouth News website is firstly a community based site for the people of the Teignmouth, Dawlish and Shaldon area, and all points in between. A place for local Buinesses to have a free listing so that local people and visitors can find you. A place where local Hotels, Guest Houses and Holiday Parks can have a free listing in our Accommodation Directory.

This site is also aimed at visitors, where thay can find out about the area, what's on, where to stay and look at a few pictures of the area.

This website is not just aimed at the holiday industry, the news page, the what's on page and the weather page are updated all year round.

You are welcome to contribute any worthy news items here, and if you are holding a function of any sort, even if it's just a Church Fete, someone out there will be interested and will turn up because they saw it here.

Teignmouth News and local Councils

The Teignmouth News website is not directly associated with any of the local Councils, although we do link our site to theirs, and indeed they link theirs to ours. We apreciate the help that they provide and are proud to be associated with them. We recommend that if you cannot find the information that you are looking for on this site then try the Official Council sites, as most independent sites are not updated as often as this site.

Best site for News & Weather

Check out our What's On page for up to date goings on in our area, this is updated all year around, we recieved hundreds of hits by people trying to find out about Firework Displays at the beginning of November and an equally large amount of interest regarding Christmas and New Year events and the same again for Summer Events. Proving that local people know where to come for local information.

The News page is changed regularly, The Weather page has todays weather, a five day forecast and High Tide tables for Teignmouth New Quay, useful for bathers and fishermen